Beautifully Crafted Welsh Gold Earrings


With designs featuring Celtic harps, daisies and ivy leaves, the Welsh Gold Company’s earrings evoke the spirit of Welsh heritage and the Welsh countryside. It’s a design choice that fits in perfectly with the use of Welsh gold.

About our Welsh Gold Earrings

If a piece of gold can perfectly represent and symbolise the region from where it is produced, then Welsh gold is a prime example. From the beautiful rolling countryside to the heritage and history of the great Welsh towns and cities, Welsh gold is truly unique.

We’ve been handcrafting and producing Welsh gold jewellery in our Cardiff workshop for over 30 years with love, care and expert craftsmanship passed down for generations.

What makes our Welsh Gold Earrings so Special?

Earrings are one of the most diverse pieces of jewellery you can buy, from everyday earrings to earrings that you’d only wear on special occasions. Even the design of earrings are diverse, from elegantly simple and classy designs to the more flamboyant, eye-catching and sparkly item.

That’s why at the Welsh Gold Company, we have the best range of styles, colours and designs that can suit the day to day or the extra special occasions where you want to make a splash.

All of our Welsh gold earrings are guaranteed to evoke the spirit of Wales with designs featuring ivy leaves, representing fidelity, wedded love and friendship to Celtic harps, representing the time honoured tradition of Harp production in Wales.

All of our gold earrings are available in rare welsh rose and yellow gold and 9ct and 18ct varieties and at a respectable price, which makes our earrings a perfect addition to any jewellery collection.

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