Stunning Welsh Gold Pendants


With designs featuring Celtic harps, daisies and ivy leaves, the Welsh Gold Company’s pendants evoke the spirit of Welsh heritage and the Welsh countryside. It’s a design choice that fits in perfectly with the use of Welsh gold.

About our Welsh Gold Pendants and Necklaces

Pendants aren’t just jewellery you can buy, they can have deep emotional connections behind them, whether that’s the devotion of a loved one and partner or the symbol of a special anniversary or moment in your life.

That’s why at the Welsh gold company, not only do we strive to design and craft evocative, distinctive Pendants we also ensure that each piece of jewellery evokes the spirit of Wales, and its long, great heritage, from the green rolling countryside to the bustling towns and cities and at the best price possible.

Our Welsh Gold Pendant and Necklace Collection

Our Welsh gold Pendants and necklaces feature designs signifying:

The nature of Wales
From Celtic daisies and rose gold Daffodils to yellow and rose Welsh gold Pembroke posies, available in 9ct and all containing rare Welsh gold.

The Welsh Dragon
The symbol of Wales, the Welsh dragon was believed to have protected the people of Wales and has been a prominent feature of the Welsh flag since 1485. Our Welsh dragon pendants comes in both silver and 9ct gold and feature a diamond eye.

Heart Pendants
Our heart pendants come in silver and welsh gold and range from the simple and elegant to the more intricate ivy and flower designs that women are sure to love.

Celtic Heart Pendants
Our Celtic harps come in silver, rose and yellow gold varieties. Designed to mark the great Welsh tradition of harp making, which still continues to this day. All our Welsh gold Celtic harps contain rare welsh gold.

Any of these pieces would be the perfect addition to any jewellery collection.

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